Highway 101 Billboards, San Jose


San Jose, California, April 2, 2018Citizens for Free Speech and Equal Justice, LLC. has constructed billboards on Highway 101, to alert citizens to the massive reorganization of Bay Area life and economic and political structures. The signs are located at Highway 101 at I-880 in San Jose, California. The organizations responsible for this transformation include agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) led by the Association of Bay Area Governments or ABAG.

On March 27, 2018, the property owner received a notice from the City of San Jose alleging receipt of a complaint regarding the installation of a digital display. The following day, Citizens for Free Speech and Equal Justice filed a Complaint for Civil Rights Violation, Injunction and Declaratory Relief. The Code Enforcement division of San Jose sent a “Warning Notice” on April 17, 2018 requiring removal of the electronic sign. Litigation in Federal Court is currently ongoing.

More information on these Billboards to come!


Pictures of Highway 101 Billboards

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Media/Press Coverage of Billboards:

(Some of the information provided in The Mercury News article and KPIX broadcast report are not accurate.)


Read the Billboard Court/Legal Documents here:


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